I AM WAR:「Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine」の新しいレビューが登場……ラップで!

2011年10月10日 15:29 by katakori
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「Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine」 ウォーハンマー スペースマリーン

先日オンラインCo-opを可能にする無料DLC“Exterminatus”のリリースが10月25日に決定したRelic初の本格的なW40kアクションタイトル「Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine」、人気のRTSシリーズ同様今後のシリーズ展開と種族やユニット的な意味での拡張にも期待が高まる真の漢の為のゲームですが、本日新しいレビューが登場。なんとラップで本作の内容や背景を解説するという凄まじいレビューとなっています。

実際のところレビューとは名ばかりで、W40kシリーズにおけるスペースマリーンどもの背景を素晴らしいW40k愛で歌い上げた作品となっており、Gears of War 3にも見られたタイトル連呼系ラップの新しい何かとしても楽しめるアメージングなレビューとなっています。リリックを訳すと韻も踏めない只の説明になってしまいそうなので、今回はオリジナルのリリックも併せてご紹介しておきます。I AM WAR!

I am War I am a Space Marine

I am legiones astartes the hardest

I am War I am a Space Marine

I am

I am War I am a Space Marine

I am legiones astartes the hardest

I am War I am a Space Marine

I am

Warhammer 40K Space Marine original

Before hunting zerg with colonial criminals

Before there were wars fought by cogs with a lancer were

A million of us committing chainsword massacres

Yeah before the zartan act with the Spartan

Iron halo on my back as protection from ork clans

41st millennium way before our time

So you are forgiven for your warp-induced crimes

Now its our time to shine through the will of the Emperor

Victory is mine Im a Relic of an age

9 foot superhuman in a powered steel shell

bred to give humanities enemies hell

Ultramarines the ultimate angels of death

For the Emperors honor I give my last breath

Defending the imperium from xenos swarms

and chaotic delirium a thousand chapters strong

spread across the universe the emperors reach is long

face the dark between the stars with steel and with fire

my bolter and my battle brothers all that I require

Because I I I am because I I


Soar into the sky with my jump pack roaring

crash into the ground where the ork hordes swarming

Leaving bodies scattered like Im made of anti-matter

Bow before my might or lose your life Ill take the latter

Heavy bolter to the throat watch them gurgle as they choke

Plasma to the chest for a mortal case of asthma

Kraken jacket bolter rounds for the heretics

Vengeance launcher now or later mines cause they stick

Snipe with precision lascannon blazing

Really not my style but my aim is amazing

I wade into battle no need to take cover

green mile in my wake as deaths shade hovers

hack with my power axe slash with my power sword

smash with the thunder hammer like the mighty thor

facing traitor legions and the daemon spawns of khorne

For threatening the Forge worlds death is their reward

Bear witness to my furious light golden haze

And hope he is beholden to whichever god he prays

My life gets longer the more I kill because

I am an instrument of the emperors will

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