“Dicey Dungeons”や“The Occupation”といった注目作が並ぶ「IndieCade 2019」のファイナリストが発表

2019年9月12日 0:08 by okome
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「IndieCade 2019」

今年は10月10日から12日にかけて、サンタモニカ・カレッジのCenter for Media and Designで開催されるインディーゲームの祭典「IndieCade Festival 2019」ですが、新たに“2019 IndieCade Award”のファイナリストに選出された51作品がアナウンスされ、先日製品版の発売を迎えたTerry Cavanagh氏の新作ローグライク“Dicey Dungeons”やWhite Paper Gamesの独創的な新作アドベンチャー“The Occupation”、惑星の海を探索するJump Over the Ageの新作“In Other Waters”といった作品が並ぶラインアップがアナウンスされました。

過去のIndieCadeファイナリストやゲーム開発者、アーティストリサーチャー、学者、学芸員、ゲームライター、ジャーナリストで構成される国際審査員によって選出された今年のファイナリストは、PCとMac、Android、Oculus Rift、PlayStation、その他のプラットフォームから選出されたもので、今後数週間のうちに追加のセレクションが発表されるとのこと。

“IndieCade 2019”のファイナリスト

  • Apart of Me, by Bounce Works
  • ARBox, by Sean Bloom, Martzi Campos & Jesse Vigil
  • Biped, by NEXT Studios
  • Bird of Passage, by Space Backyard
  • Blabyrinth, by Sleeping Beast Games
  • Blind Spot, by Sam Friedman
  • Creature in the Well, by Flight School Studio
  • Dialect: A Game about Language and How it Dies, by Thorny Games
  • Dicey Dungeons, by Terry Cavanagh, Chipzel & Marlowe Dobbe
  • Do Not Feed the Monkeys, by Fictiorama Studios
  • Dubio, by AJ Kolenc & Richard Boeser
  • Electric Zine Maker, by Nathalie Lawhead
  • ElemenTerra, by Freeform Labs
  • Elsinore, by Golden Glitch Studios
  • Fujii, by Funktronic Labs
  • Grace Bruxner Presents: The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game, by Grace Bruxner, Thomas Bowker & Dan Golding
  • Headliner: NoviNews, by Unbound Creations
  • HELLCOUCH: A Couch Co-op Game, by Carol Mertz & Francesca Carletto-Leon
  • HOT SWAP: All Hands On Deck, by Peter Gyory & Clement Zheng
  • In Other Waters, by Jump Over the Age
  • Inhuman Conditions, by Tommy Maranges, Cory O’Brien, & Mackenzie Schubert
  • Iris and the Giant, by Louis Rigaud
  • It’s Fulfillment!, by Xalavier Nelson
  • JUMPGRID, by Ian MacLarty
  • Junk, by Sofia Staab-Gulbenkian
  • Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to), by Popcannibal
  • Knights and Bikes, by Foam Sword
  • Kroma, by Carol Mertz, Kai Karhu, Francesca Carletto-Leon & Temitope Olujobi
  • Letters – a written adventure, by 5am Games
  • Liberated, by Atomic Wolf / L. inc
  • Mad Mixologist, by ALT Games Lab @ UCSC
  • moments, by Sam Wong
  • Moncage, by Dong Zhou Yijia Chen
  • Mortals for Blinks, by Move38 Jonathan Bobrow, Nick Bentley, Josh Levine & Justin Ha
  • Patrick’s Parabox, by Patrick Traynor
  • Ready? Set. Haiya!, by Rewant Verma & Dhaman Mehta
  • Smile for Me, by Gabe Lane and Yugo Limbo
  • Spacechat, by Brendon Chung
  • sU, by Guillaume Bouckaert
  • The Aluminum Cat, by Stephanie Malek & Natalie Zina Walschots
  • The Gentle Oraclebird, by Shing Yin Khor & Three Eyed Rat
  • The Headlands Gamble, by First Person Travel
  • The Occupation, by White Paper Games
  • The Under Presents, by Tender Claws
  • Tina’s Pro-Birding, by Kent Sheely
  • Unruly Heroes, by Magic Design Studios
  • Vectronom, by Ludopium
  • Wanderlust: Travel Stories, by Different Tales
  • WarTweets, by Derek Curry & Jennifer Gradecki
  • Wizard’s Warehouse: The Magick of Retail, by Salyh Industries, LLC
  • Ynglet, by Nifflas & Triple Topping & Hotdog
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